Life: Why?

By: Rabbi Shlomo Chein

There must be a reason why a particular egg became an embryo that developed into a fetus that turned into a baby that turned into you.

“Our parents” answers the question of how we got here – the latest stage of the journey. But it doesn’t answer the question of where we originated from, or, more importantly, why we – as human beings – are here in the first place.

The Talmud says: “There are three partners in the creation of a child: the father, the mother, and God.” God created the world with a purpose. He has a huge, complex script written out for every inch of space and for each moment in time. You enter the picture only when it’s time for your scene.

It’s almost like a huge Truman Show.

We go about living without ever realizing that there is a master plan in which we are involved. We don’t realize that all of the past, present and future generations are watching our every move.

We may feel like a random mass of particles floating around in a fast moving world. In the worst case scenario, we get knocked down by some larger, faster, stronger mass of particles. In the best case scenario, we manage to stay afloat and perhaps even enjoy the voyage. Either way, we feel that we came from, and are going, nowhere.

That is, until we discover the “script.” Suddenly we realize that we are not just here – we were put here. We aren’t just a random mass of particles – we are needed for an exclusive purpose.

That “script” is the Torah. It not only offers us meaning, it reveals our original purpose. It tells us who we are, where we are, what we are supposed to be doing, and who’s behind it all.

If you are alive, you are “on location.” Each of us is meant to play a role that no other “actor” can play.

If we finish our role before the larger project is finished, we simply go backstage and wait for another job, or for the euphoria of the completed masterpiece.

“On location” is where we are when we are alive. “Backstage” is where we were before, and where we go after, life. Once we discover the “script,” we find meaning in life and lose fear of death.