Religious Observance

Every human soul is rooted in the higher world. Sometimes our connection to that root is strong; at other times it is broken. The Sabbath, and rituals of worship, restore that connection.

Most of us have experienced moments of transcendence when we felt close to God. The experience is uplifting, and the memories of such moments are inspiring – but no one can remain at that spiritual level. We live most of our lives in the realm of the mundane, hoping for the next cosmic experience.

If we could remain in the spiritual realm we would not need religion – but we cannot remain there, and that is why religion is important. The rituals of Sabbath observance and daily prayer are sometimes mundane, but every time we observe them we strengthen our connection to the higher world and open ourselves to the possibility that we will once again be standing in the presence of God, like Moses in the Tent of Meeting or Israel at the foot of Mount Sinai. Religious observance and worship are doors to the experience of the sacred.